17 year old


Starbite is an Angry Bird That was formerly a bird than cusred into a  human like Alien Genetic DNA signature she has been a powerful alien in order to capture darkbite and kill many aliens she has red hair white white skin and  Green demon like eyes.


Starbite has a flirty, uptight, Short tempered additude she has powerful lazers that can kill any alien and her sexiness can make anyone like her even and possibly Shadow Red and her flirty like style can make a male inlove with her she loves tormenting people( especially boys) She already has a boyfriend that she automatically stolen she can steal boyfriends and omnipotent boys and make them love her so much they'll Die she likes flirting with many people. She has a more sexy attitude than Kyneria she also takes the joy in seduction and enjoys using it to get boys.


Plasma Bolt- powerful plasma that can destroy an entire country

Lasers- Strong enough to destroy an entire Spaceship and country.

  Alien Lasers- Used to kill omnipotent or god like aliens but only happens when she is mad.
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16 year old starbite

Electrokinesis- can shoot lighting that can destroy cities 

Ice Breath- starbite can blow frosty winds to freeze up cities

ice beam- an upgraded version of ice breath that can freeze up a plannet

​​​​​​Starbolts- powerful lasers that can vaporize a ship or destroy one

  Lava Bolts- can shoot lava  inorder to melt down anything

Seduction - not an ability or a power stabite is just incredibly Sexy it can make any male love her

 God Seduction- also not an ability or a power starbite can sexually Attract male omnipotent and God like beings.

Seductive Stealing- a song to attract the human or can use it to steal boyfriends from girls.

mutation - turns into a monster if angry or uses it to attack

Self-Soul Removal- Can remove herself from her body and can use it to fight people intangilby or to entee peoples momds

flight-she can fly Duh.

Chaotic Immunity - can drain powers and has immunity in all chaotic god like or omnipotent beings.

Trivia Edit

• Starbite isnt seductive against female species and species that are 9 years older than her.

• Starbite is weak against lasers, and Lightning

• Beings like Shadow Red and Marx are capable of being seduced by starbite.

• Starbite is power hungry and is imune to any disease.

• Starbite can possibly destroy Marx

• Starbite's name in tantamarian is Kyradria,D

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Starbites Flirty Look